Our fundamentals

PYROWATTS develops projects for its own account as well as third parties around the Pyrowatts 4.0, a global, proprietary and turnkey solution for energy recovery of organic waste on production site, based on a patented pyrogasification technology developed in partnership with the CEA (Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission).

Our offer

PYROWATTS offers industrial players and local councils a turnkey solution and provides construction, financing, operation and maintenance of equipment: you will no longer need to manage your waste or source energy. You can concentrate on your missions by simply purchasing your energy produced from waste, at a competitive and above all stable price over time.

For third parties

PYROWATTS offers its customers a complete turnkey solution, either by becoming the owner of the process or through leasing options for those who wish to avoid initial capital expenditure, thus enabling them to reclaim waste that can-not be recycled as a source of energy.

For own account

PYROWATTS gives industrial players and local council a third-party investors offer through which we provide overall process and energy production operations for a tailor made customised plant. This way, companies and communities are able to focus on their primary objectives.

What benefits ?

Through the “PyroWatts 4.0” process, you control your input and output costs for better profitability with a sustainable solution, independent of subsidies and financial crises.

  • A highly cost-effective solution (excluding grants linked to environmental benefits),
  • A local solution for local needs,
  • A compact, fast to install, easy to use and scalable solution.